Insurance Claims

We Accept Most Insurance Companies

Insurance Claims

We accept insurance claims from all major insurance companies. We’ll work with your insurance company to schedule, inspect and repair your vehicle. We put extra effort into turnaround times. We know how inconvenient daily life can be without your vehicle. And let’s face it—your car or truck is your baby. You don’t feel like yourself without it. At Car Struction, we understand. We’ll take good care of you and your vehicle. Trust Car Struction to provide you with fast, reliable and honest service at a reasonable price.

Who Repairs Your Vehicle Is Your Choice

Many people think that the choice is only up to the insurance companies. In most cases, you may choose the body shop. We use the best aftermarket and Original Equipment from Manufacturers to repair your vehicle. We won’t settle for inferior parts when it comes to your safety. If you’re in need of a repair shop, take a chance on us. We may not be the biggest name is collision repair, but we’re committed to your satisfaction. Our technicians are certified professionals, and we take our jobs very seriously. We don’t take any shortcuts. Our commitment is to you, the individual, not the insurance companies.

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